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1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment MilSim ArmA 2 OA/CO Unit

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Op Ideas V2

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1Op Ideas V2 Empty Op Ideas V2 on Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:58 am

Operation : Injured Bird - A helicopter headed to extract base after a drop off has been shot down, the survivors have radio'd in. Two (or one, depending on how many people attend) unit member(s) will act as the survivors/pilots, and the other members will be tasked with working together to beat the enemy forces to the crash site.

Operation : Domestic Soil - We're an FBI S-W-A-T squad(s) deployed to a small town in the United States. There have been reports of a mass shooting, with an unknown number of threats. Our job is to identify and eliminate the threat, while keeping civilians out of danger.

Operation : Betrayal - Taking place after Op : In the Sand, we're undercover, disguised as ISIS fighters. Our man on the inside and translator, Farid, (An assigned unit member), has given us intel that suggest that ISIS is planning on capturing a Kurdish-held city. Our job is to prevent the attack if possible, or defend the city.

Operation : In the Sand - A precursor to Op : Betrayal, we're deployed to a small airfield to collect intel from a local military leader, but, he has tasked us with defending their oil pipeline with his forces. Once successfully defended, the leader, (an assigned Unit member) gives us our intel. The intel leads us to a small town, where we meet ISIS defectors.

(More of a joke operation) Operation : Wick is Back - Legendary hitman John Wick, (appointed Unit member, talk to me about Wick's lore), assists us. We're FBI tracking a Russian Mob based terrorist group. Wick, using his ties with the mob, gives us the intel required to eliminate the terrorist cell. Hopefully we don't get backstabbed.

Operation : Silence is Key - Following a Sniper team, we have to infiltrate three compounds, one being a Radio Tower Complex, another being a Barracks building, and the third being an armory. The two man sniper team covers the infiltration team, and the infiltration team clears the inside.

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