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Operation Ideas V1

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1Operation Ideas V1 Empty Operation Ideas V1 on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:35 pm

Operation : HVT Extraction - We're assigned an HVT to extract from an Al-Qaeda controlled city. One of our unit members is chose to be the HVT, and they cannot fight the enemies until they are rescued. They unit, with the HVT, must reach a predestined extraction point. If the HVT dies, the Operation is a failure.

Operation : HVT Elimination - We're assigned a mission to kill a high ranking member of Al-Qaeda. We have to navigate the city and find the HVT, while managing civilians and hostiles. The mission is a failure if the whole squad/unit dies, and the mission is successful if at least one person is a live and kills the HVT.

Operation : Halo - We're assigned a mission to secure a city under the control of Al-Qaeda. They have captured areas around the city, so they have boxed it in. We have no other way in besides parachuting in. We must liberate the city of hostiles, main points being an embassy, church, and police station. After the city is liberated, the mission is complete. Completing the mission allows the US Military to drop more troops in the area, and clear the small towns near the city.

Operation : الكفار اللعنة - This operation takes place after the HALO Operation. We're ISIS fighters who have recently learned of the US advances in their cities. We plan to take the city back from the US, and destroy their embassy and church. That'll show them! ALLAHU AKBAR!

Operation : Mobile Patrol - We're assigned to Mobile Patrol duty. We follow a set course, with towns along the way. We have to clear the towns fully, and continue our route. Little did we know, ISIS have rigged traps for us! Satchel Charges and Mines will be along the way, so we need to be careful, or lose a few limbs.

Operation : Airport Assault - We're sent to an airstrip to clear it of hostiles and set up AA guns to prevent more troops from coming in. The airstrip is densely packed during the day, so we have to hit it during the night.

Operation : Info Recovery - A group of Al-Qaeda based hackers have stolen information from a downed drone. They are locked in a compound with the intent of sending the information to their Base of Operations. Our job is to raid the compound, killing the hackers and destroying the data. If failed, Al-Qaeda will know the location of our FOB, and will surely outnumber us. If successful, Al-Qaeda will have no idea where we are stationed.

Operation : Info Recovery (Bad Ending) - Oh shit, they got the data to their Base! They are raiding our FOB. Our job is to prevent them from taking over our base, any means necessary!

Operation : Info Recovery (Good Ending) - Using information we recovered from their laptops, we have found the location of the Al-Qaeda Base of Operations in our area. Our recon team has relayed to use that they are sending a mass number of troops out to patrol the cities, and that the remaining Al-Qaedans at the base resembles a skeleton crew. Seeing the opportunity, we launch an attack on the base, hoping to seize their base and force them to lose their foothold in this war.

Operation : Down but Not Out - We're a group of civilians whose town has been overtaken by ISIS. We plan to overthrow ISIS, but first we have to visit a shady arms dealer. What could go wrong?

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