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Dugan's Ideas for Fun Ops

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1Dugan's Ideas for Fun Ops Empty Dugan's Ideas for Fun Ops on Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:39 am

Fun Ops :
Border Patrol - A group of snipers are designated and a group of runners are designated. The runners must follow a course to the end without being killed by the snipers. The snipers must kill the runners before they reach the end.

Dueling Tournament - Each contestant is given a revolver with 6 bullets in it. Just like in yee-olden days, two players will start at a center point and take ten shift-walk paces. Then, when a referee counts down from 3, they turn and attempt to kill each other. This will be a tournament, hosted on challonge.com. It will be a Best of 3 match format.

Laser Tag - Every player is given a flare gun with a backpack full of additional flares. We play on a killhouse-style map. Flares usually kill in 2 shots to the chest, so everyone has 2 lives before they're out for the round. We could either play in a single death elimination style or like an infinite respawn deathmatch type.

Wolf Among Us - One player becomes the Gamemaster, who picks the Wolf. The Wolf's job is to eliminate all the Sheep, and not get killed. The Sheep's job is to figure out who is the Wolf and eliminate them. The Wolf and Sheep are equipped with M9s.

The World's Most Dangerous Game - One player is the hunter, a bloodthirsty manhunter equipped with a hunting rifle and a pistol. The other players are the hunted, equipped with a flare gun and a set of flares. The job of the hunter is to eliminate all the hunted without dying. The job of the hunted is to evade the hunter for 15 minutes or kill him. Rules for the hunter : No external communication besides radio, and no using weapons besides your assigned ones. Rules for the Hunted : No grouping/teaming, you must go on your own, no external communication besides local chat, no using weapons other than the ones you're assigned.

Bloods vs. Crips - Essentially team deathmatch in a city setting. The gangmembers are equipped with either a handgun, a machine pistol, or an AKM. The first gang to 100 kills are crowned victorious, and are given time to set up an execution for each of the opposing gang members.

Blind Gunfights - Everyone is put into a room equipped with a pistol. After a countdown, a deathmatch begins. The catch? The room is pitch black and the players have no vision assistance.

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