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[Training] BCT and AIT 2/25/17 [AAR]

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1[Training] BCT and AIT 2/25/17 [AAR] Empty [Training] BCT and AIT 2/25/17 [AAR] on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:18 pm


[Training] BCT and AIT 2/25/17 [AAR] 75th_logo

BCT and AIT 2/25/17

Basic Combat Training got cancelled because no privates showed up. I insisted on doing AIT which caused many members to get their AIT roles!
The AIT training went well and was short because the role did not need a lot of training but experience.

Congrats to the following on earning the Automatic Rifleman Role/AIT:

Congrats to the following on earning the Machine Gunner Role/AIT:


Due to the members earning their role, they will be assigned to fireteams now.

D.Broke - (Has previously done DM AIT and now acting on it) 1-1 Bravo Fireteam Designated Marksman
N.Taylor - 1-1 Bravo Fireteam Automatic Rifleman
R.Smith - 1-1 Alpha Fireteam Automatic Rifleman
M.d'Entremont - Legion 1-1 Squad Machine Gunner

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