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A Good Run.

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1A Good Run. Empty A Good Run. on Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:38 am


Today will be the last day for the unit to be alive.

We had plenty of fun and had a ton of people. I still remember having 12+ people per op, even though it sounds little.
It sounded big to me since we are an ArmA 2 MilSim Unit, not an ArmA 3 Unit.

The reason that I am shutting down the unit is that I ran into issues in the real world.
I do not have any money to support this hobby nor do I have the time.
I have seen lately that we are losing people fast!
Recently our trainings and operations are under 8 guys!

State will be opening a new unit and welcomes every to join since he does not want to see the community dying.
I do not want to see the community dying either so, I highly recommend joining the unit because I can see you guys occasionally.

It really has been a lot of fun these past 6 or 7 months being with you guys.

I will be in State's unit being the IT Officer or some sort helping him with the background stuff, so I really really highly recommend joining his unit so I can talk to you guys frequently.

This unit was a life lesson to me and I learned a lot of good stuff in it.
I dedicated this unit very much and wish for it to not die, but things has to happen.

It was a good run, I wish it would be a lot longer but sadly real life is shit.

- Signed 2LT R.Danh

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