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[Campaign 10 Weeks] Operation Return Savages 6/3/17

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[Campaign 10 Weeks] Operation Return Savages 6/3/17 75th_logo

Campaign 10 Weeks

Operation Return Savages

7pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)


The aftermath of last operation caused massive damages to the UN base and resulted to us relocating to another base up north. The UN base is going to be left alone and relocate to the US FOB(we are going to the same place).

All UN personnel are rearming, packing up, deploying while we are tasked to scout ahead and patrol.
We will have a big convoy that contains all the UN's belongings, that counts explosives, ammunition, weapons, etc.
Our job is to secure a pathway to the US FOB and allow no harm to the convoy at all cost!
There is intel that there are Takistani Militia in the route.
We will be going at night time. Watch out for visibility and surprise attacks.

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