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1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment MilSim ArmA 2 OA/CO Unit

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Rules, Regulations, & Policies

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[*]Leadership is selected with an upholding of moral standards. IE; power abuse, disrespect, favoritism.

Personal Conduct and Common Courtesy

[*]Zero Tolerance on racism
[*]Hacking is strictly prohibited. Hackers will be terminated.
[*]Manners are expected within all age groups.
[*]Respect Self and Others. Along with Unit members and public players in any community.

Personal Conduct and Common Courtesy

[*]Recruits are expected give their full participation and effort, both in play style and attitude.
[*]A panel. (more than a single individual), will be present on training sessions to evaluate the standard of instruction.
[*]To acquire a credit for attendance; Recruits/inductee slots in the training session will be closed at the certified instructors halfway mark. These individuals are expected to be present for the debriefing as well.
[*]Maintaining a level of standard is the 75th Rangers' commission. This means recruits/inductees could be asked to vacate their strive of a trial.

Squad Management

[*]When inducted into the 75th Rangers, novice members will be assigned a squad after their basic combat training, along with a squad role. Please understand personal desires will be strictly recognized by squad leadership. But to maintain a level of MILSIM, the role from which you will be assigned may be to the needs of the unit.
[*]Fire team leaders will be assigned taken from rank and seniority, along with an acute manner of leadership. They will act as a secondhand to the squad leader to oversee what the SQL cannot.
[*]To maintain MILSIM, respect rank and seniority.
[*]Read and Understood, RNU'(s), signatures in the forums are greatly encouraged. This means any major, or what is considered to be major, alternations to the unit or a squad. This keeps unit members in the know.

Operation Policies and Procedures

[*]For an operation to be considered official, a majority vote of commitment will be cast prior to operation day/night. Operations although, will be held on 7pm EST. Please write out a Leave of absence, LOA, in the forums. This helps appoint squads and overall committed expectation of presence.
[*]To acquire a credit of attendance for operations, there will be a 10 minute grace period after 7pm EST. After so, slots will be locked and no attendance credit will be given.
[*]Public missions will be hosted by the 75th on the server. These are not coordinated by leadership, but rather an impromptu among the community.
[*]A reminder; Operations that are held on Saturdays' will be private, only available to members in the unit.


[*]In order to become a PV2 you must complete three trainings. BCT (Basic Combat Training), AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and RASP (Ranger School).
[*]When you are a PFC (Private First Class) you must complete 2 trainings. Airborne School and Fireteam training.

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